About Me

About Me

Originally from Minnesota, Amy spent her youth in the world of competitive dance. Staying on top of her game, she needed proper nutrition and movement so she could turn and leap to her best ability in both her group and solo performances. Unfortunately, like many Americans, her knowledge of real health and nutrition was lacking. She suffered from loose joints from over stretching and chronic tension headaches. This persisted well into her college years even after she ended her competitive dance career.

In college Amy studied and majored in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Her focus was on infectious diseases, microbiology, virology, and immunology. She even had the amazing opportunity to work side-by-side with her advisor doing student research on anti-fungal drugs! It was here that Amy began her journey into what true health and wellness really meant.

Post-college, Amy worked in a research and diagnostic lab in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During her time there, she fell in love with the art and practice of yoga. Thanks to her contacts she met through her studio, she found health practitioners that brought her to a level of health that she never knew was possible! Amy now no longer suffers from chronic tension headaches, has released deep emotional trauma that was caused by the unexpected death of her father, and has found stability in her body.

Amy’s journey into real food took another turn when one of her aunts was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. This made a total of 5 autoimmune diseases within 4 female family members. Not wanting to develop an autoimmune disease herself, she has systematically reduced sources of environmental toxins in her and her family’s lives.

It is Amy’s goal to help bridge the gap between modern medicine and real health. Thanks to hospital and insurance regulations, physicians simply don’t have the time to help their patients find the root source of their health and wellness problems. She’s not here to replace your care, but to enhance it! It takes a team to maintain good health. With the limited time we get with our care providers and the confusing messages we get through the media and online, Amy will help you figure out what you need to obtain and maintain your health.

We are all unique individuals with unique histories. No one diet or movement pattern will work for everyone. Amy is here to figure out what will work for you! With her scientific background, you know that her suggestions will have sound reasoning.

You can follow Amy on Facebook and Instagram where she not only shares information on diet and traditional health, but also shares about her yoga and meditation practice and work as a Reiki practitioner.