My Unintended Weight Loss

My Unintended Weight Loss

The New Year is full of resolutions. One of the top resolutions is to lose weight. With the energy of the new year, you sign up for a gym membership and start a new diet. Life hits and you’re back to your old habits by the end of the month. This broken record is the norm for nearly 90% of people who set “lose weight” as their New Year Resolution.

If this broken record is your record, I don’t have to tell you that you’re doing it all wrong. Exercise isn’t the main factor in losing weight – diet is. Let me share my story about how I lost all my baby weight – all 40 pounds of it – plus an additional 25 pounds all thanks to changing my diet in two simple ways.

My Unintended Weight Loss: How A Simple Diet Change Helped Me Lose 65 Pounds

A couple days ago a lady in one of the business coaching Facebook pages I follow asked about ways that you or a client lost weight. She was looking at putting together a list of tips and tricks for her readers to peruse. I answered her request with my own weight loss story and I want to share it with you. 

Growing up, I spent hours upon hours each week dancing. I was fit, athletic, and thin. I could (and would) eat two suppers every night to keep up with the energy demands of being a competitive dancer. 

Fast forward to college, I was still dancing, but not nearly at the same level of competition. I switched from ballet, jazz, and tap to ballroom and belly dancing. I still ate pretty similarly to how I ate when in high school. Thanks to “the hill” on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire‘s campus, I avoided the dreaded Freshman 15. I did however add about 5lbs each year I was in college. By the time I graduated, I was still “thin,” but not as athletically built. In truth, according to the BMI scale (which is a decent guideline but horribly inaccurate), I was considered overweight.

I easily maintained this new weight and build for several years. Soon after my wedding in 2009, my husband and I joined a weight loss challenge at our local gym. Both of us did amazing! I even ended up in 2nd place for the women!

It wasn’t long after the competition ended we stopped being regular with our gym workouts and we both added the pounds back on. We didn’t change our lifestyle.

While still a bit heavier than I would have liked, we learned were expecting our first child around the holidays of 2012. I gained a total of 40lbs with this pregnancy. A lot of that was water weight as during the later half of my pregnancy we went to Las Vegas to visit my husbands grandfather…in the middle of summer…during an excessive heat warning. My thick Minnesota blood does not handle heat well. Add being pregnant on top of it, yeah, not a good combo!

Baby #1 on “Labor Day” and at 9 months old.

After my big guy arrived, I dropped back to my pre-pregnancy weight pretty easily. I didn’t go on any special diet or exercise program. I did exclusively breast feed him which is a huge help. He nursed until around 16 months when I needed to wean him. I was pregnant with his younger brother and the sensitivity was driving me nuts!

So here comes his little brother. They were born 21 months apart – TO THE DAY! Now, a short background, I was working full time in a Pediatric-Gastroenterology research and diagnostic lab. I spent my days analyzing stool samples. So it is very natural for me to analyze the stool of my boys to determine how healthy their guts are. Shortly after my youngest was born I noticed worrisome consistencies in his stools. I had some nutritional testing done on him through our chiropractor. It was discovered that he was sensitive to gluten, dairy, and corn. 

Baby #2 on “Labor Day” and at 9 months old

From roughly 1 month of age, I have eliminated gluten and dairy completely from my diet and most corn sources as well. So what was the result?

I not only lost all 40lbs of pregnancy weight (yes I gained the exact same amount with both pregnancies), but I also lost an additional 25lbs all before he turned 9 months old! This was all from exclusively breast feeding plus the dietary changes.

This doesn’t mean that you should go out and eliminate dairy, gluten, and corn from your diet. This is what worked for me. It was completely unintentional to lose the extra weight. I do enjoy my clothes fitting nicer and not having to worry about if a shirt will hide my mommy-tummy or not. By staying on this diet, I have easily maintained my body composition and overall health. It makes me wonder if I, too, have issues with these foods as when I eliminated them my body was able to easily shed excess weight and maintain muscle.

What I want you to get out of this is that your diet – the food you eat – is SO much more important for your health and body shape than what kind of movement or exercises you do. Too little food or nutrition and you can have serious health issues. Too much food and you get the same thing.

This tricky challenge of getting the right diet, exercise, and spiritual/emotional health on the right path is why [I became] a health coach. Being a Mom, I get that we want to look hot and sexy for our partners as well as ourselves. I get that we want to set a good example for our children. As a human, I also get that we sometimes don’t have the knowledge or the support to reach our goals. I also understand that our needs for food and movement change as we get older. It is my goal to help bridge that gap for you!

I wrote this over a year ago. Since then I have learned that the dairy and gluten were highly inflammatory for me, causing the extra weight gain, my stubborn acne on my face, chest, back, and arms, and even was causing some rashes. Food isn’t just about maintaining a healthy weight, it’s also about maintaining optimal function of all your organ systems. Your body talks to you. See what I mean by that from an earlier post.

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My Unintended Weight Loss: How A Simple Diet Change Helped Me Lose 65 Pound

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