Inflammation: What Is It and How You Can Reduce It.

Inflammation: What Is It and How You Can Reduce It.

Why hello again! It’s been several months since I last made a post. It’s been quite an adventure over here in Southeast Wisconsin. I won’t bore you with all the details, but if you would like to know more, please SIGN UP to receive my newsletters and emails so you can stay in the loop with all my local and online offerings.

While on sabbatical I chose to realign and refocus my intentions with Ballele Wellness. This is to better serve you by clarifying my main passions and expertise. Are you ready? Here we go!

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Inflammation

I began Ballele Wellness as a way to share with others how to reduce inflammation. Plain and simple – yet at the same time very complex. For those who know me personally, I have a *very* strong history of autoimmune disease in my family on my Mother’s side. She has a double-dose of autoimmune disease risk as family members on both her mother’s and father’s side both suffer/suffered from one of the over 80 recognized autoimmune diseases. For nearly a decade I have been investing time and resources into seeing how I can reduce my own risk of developing an autoimmune disease. Let’s face it: I love my family, but I don’t want to walk in every footstep they take.

The main root cause of any autoimmune disease – and really any chronic disease in general – is inflammation. What exactly is inflammation?

According to scientific texts, inflammation is one of the defense mechanisms of the body. We want inflammation when we’re fighting off a foreign object such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or even that sliver of wood you picked up. Without an inflammatory response to foreign invaders, our body will have to work even harder to rid itself of the offender. However, too much inflammation can cause a whole host of issues ranging from minor complaints of acne or rashes all the way to chronic issues like obesity, autoimmune disease, heart disease, and even cancer.

What exactly happens when the body goes into an inflammatory response?

First there has to be an object that the body doesn’t recognize as “self.” A cascade of proteins are released by the surrounding tissues that then activate the various aspects of the immune system. One of the defence mechanisms is fever. If there isn’t a need for fever, the area of insult or injury sees an increase of blood flow thereby increasing the temperature in a localized area. A whole slew of white blood cells are also involved in ridding the body of the offending object. When the object is neutralized, the body goes back into its normal state.

What happens if the body stays in an inflammatory response?

This can happen for a number of reasons, and it is dependent on many factors including food, exposure to chemical compounds in the air and products we use or are around, even medications. When the body can’t go back to its pre-inflammatory state, it simply adjust to the low level of constant inflammation. This causes a slew of issues that tend to compound on top of one another. We all know of at least one person who seems to be constantly sick, adding another ailment after another. Come on! This is not the way to live! I can confidently say that we all would love to age gracefully while having full control over our mind and body, to be able to go on adventures without restrictions.

So what can you do to reduce inflammation?

Here’s a few simple tips to start reducing your risk of chronic inflammation:

  1. Breathe! Simply learning how to breathe properly can help reduce your stress, and therefore allowing your body to relax and properly and completely attack and neutralize any foreign object.
  2. Eat a diet consisting mainly of vegetables and fruits, adding whole grains, seeds, and legumes as necessary. Be mindful of how your meat products are raised and produced, opting for purchasing your meat from a local farmer or hunting and fishing for your meat yourself.
  3. Change the cleaning products you use to those that are more plant based. A word of caution that for plant-based laundry detergent you do need to ensure you have soft water, otherwise it won’t work as effectively.
  4. Switch out your beauty products. I personally enjoy using Erth Minerals for makeup and Beautycounter for skincare (affiliate link).
  5. Move! You body is meant to be in motion. If you find yourself more sedentary than active, set an alarm for every 30 minutes to get up and take a 5 minute walking break. Not only does it keep your body active, it also reenergizes your body and mind. This will increase your productivity at home and at work.

For more information on inflammation, check out this article from Medical News Today. Is there anything else you can add to this list? Let me know below!

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