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Life has a way of interfering with our goals and dreams. Making the straight path that our mind has created into one with stops, detours, backtracking, and delays. While we may not be able to control everything, we can develop skills and tools to better manage life’s obstacles.


Balance and Sustainability

At Ballele Wellness, balance and sustainability is the name of the game. Whether it is diet, home life, or mindset, we want to ensure that what we share is not only applicable, but also beneficial to your own personal life and the environment in which you live.


We believe that food should be your first line of defense for all areas of your health. Whole foods, like fresh produce and sustainable meat sources, should take priority.


Your personal space has a major effect on your mood. How it is organized and cleaned can set you up for success. Finding what works for you will make achieving your other goals easier!


The mind is a powerful tool that is often overlooked. We believe that even a few moments of mindfulness every day will bring more peace and control in your life.


What my students say

Amy was the one health coach that helped me with my diastase recti (which is the AB wall that splits, I had a 4 finger gap at one point). I was doing some exercises for it, but she ultimately guided me and met with me and allowed my ab wall to get back to where it was supposed to be and stronger so I could do regular AB exercises. She also coached me with general health and information on healthy eating and living. She is very versatile in many different health areas, including yoga-which helped me as a mother of 6 to get my body and it’s parts stronger and flexible-esp. with my back and hip. Great communicator, teacher, and trainer. I am so glad I found Amy, she was the one that helped me start my healthy journey and I am very grateful for her guidance.

Jessica F.

I love how she teaches yoga (hello body awareness!) and the exercises she chose today were so specific to my needs with all of this crazy SI joint pain.

Nikki A. – 35 Weeks Pregnant

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